What is Landscaping?

Landscaping has been around since the ancient Mayans. The Mayans made changes to their land by adding plants and constructing buildings. Some of these changes were to make the land look nice while other changes were for practical reasons.

Landscaping today refers to the planning, laying out and construction of gardens to make your outdoor space look nice and usable for outdoor activities. Think of your lawn as a blank canvas and Landscape Craftsmen as the artist!

Landscaping Services

Your landscaping masterpiece waits!  We have many Landscaping Services to choose from.  Check out some of the following services to start creating your masterpiece today!

Landscaping Benefits

  • Landscaping can add resale value to your home.
  • Landscaping can speed up the sale of your home by as much as 6 weeks.
  • Properly selected and placed plants can lower your home heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%.
  • A tree that shades an outdoor air conditioner unit can increase its efficiency by as much as ten percent.
  • Trees, shrubs, turf, and ground covers trap and filter dust and other pollutants out of rainwater. Plants benefit from these nutrients and prevent it from becoming a source of water pollution.

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