Wake Up Your Garden Bed With Mulch!

Is your garden bed overgrown with weeds? Is it lacking color to make it pop? Does it need something to add some pizzazz? Then you need mulch! Mulching every year is very important Mulch is an organic material that will decompose over time and will add nutrients back into your soil. Every spring you should add ½”-1” of mulch to your garden to give it that fresh, new look. Let Landscape Craftsmen take care of your mulching for you.

Benefits of Mulch

Adding Mulch to your landscape provides many benefits.  Just a few of them are: 

  • Give your garden a refined look
  • Cuts down on weeds
  • Mulch is bright and lends attractive color
  • Smooths out an uneven soil surface
  • Blankets plants during the winter months
  • Deflects sunlight during the summer
  • Keeps moisture in the ground

Kinds of Mulch

There are many different kinds of mulches.  They all have their own function.  When considering what kind of mulch to use, you must decide on the area you are covering first and then go from there.  Below are some different kinds of mulches:

  • Pebble Mulch/Gravel
  • Rock Mulch (medium to large stones)
  • Pumice Rock Mulch
  • Straw Mulch
  • Newspaper and Cardboard
  • Grass Clippings
  • Compost as a Mulch
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Wood Chips, Shredded Bark, and Sawdust
  • Cocoa Hull Mulch
  • Pine Straw

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