Fertilizing and Weed Control

The way to make a great lawn!

Great lawns and luscious foliage don’t just happen. They come through love, maintenance and fertilizing. Fertilizing your lawn produces the deep green color and dense turf you desire. It also minimizes growth of pesky weeds. Fertilizing your plants and shrubs helps them grow full and beautiful. An annual fertilizing program ensures your landscape reaches its full potential. You must be careful when applying fertilizer to your lawn and foliage because when it comes to fertilizing, too much can be a bad thing. If too much fertilizer is applied, you run the risk of seriously damaging the plants, possibly even killing them. You can also seriously scorch your lawn, leaving unsightly brown spots that may need to be reseeded. Let the professionals at Landscape Craftsmen take care of all your fertilizing needs so you don’t have to worry about applying the proper amount.

Weed control solutions.

Pulling weeds is a short-term solution. Unless you completely pull the weed’s root system, it will rear its ugly head again. An effective weed control solution consists of pulling existing weeds and applying weed killers, fertilizers and mulch where applicable to prevent regrowth. The professionals at Landscape Craftsmen have the expertise needed to ensure your weeds are eliminated while your plants and lawn are not harmed. Contact us today to discuss developing a plan for your home or business.

Fertilizing Services:

  • Root Builder
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Crabgrass Preventative
  • Grub Elimination and Prevention
  • Core Aeration
  • Over-seeding